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Wellness care

Preventative, personalized care at Juno

At Juno, our approach to care centres on early detection and prevention. Since every pet's needs are unique, let's break down what a personalized preventative care plan looks like and why it's the best way to give your pet a long and happy life.
Wellness care

Dog diarrhea: Causes, treatment, and when to be concerned

Pet parents put up with all sorts of things from open-mouth kisses and fur on the furniture, to muddy paws and drool puddles. But, we have yet to meet someone that enjoys dealing with poop—especially when it’s the runny variety. 
Wellness care

The ultimate guide to dog poop: What’s healthy and what’s not

Checked out your dog’s poop lately? If you’re not taking a quick look before you scoop, you could be missing out on important information about your dog’s health. Find out what’s normal, what’s not, and when you should see a vet.
From the vets

The lowdown on Juno exams and fees

Because we take price transparency seriously, here's an update for you.
Heartworm season

Lyme disease in dogs and cats: How to spot it and how to keep them safe

Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-borne diseases in the world. Transmitted through tick bites, your pet could be at risk if they go outdoors—even if they’re not an outdoor pet. 
Wellness care

Kennel cough in dogs: symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Kennel cough in dogs is both common and contagious, infecting the upper airways and causing discomfort. We outline possible causes and prevention methods to keep your dog comfortable and healthy.