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Looking for your next opportunity in veterinary care in Canada? Juno provides growth, support, and an open-door communication environment, so you can focus on the work without the worry.

Juno Veterinary Lead Veterinarian Bianca Ferlisi throwing pillows excitedly at the Summerhill clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Pillows have the Juno Vet logo on them with plants and framed pictures of dogs and cats in the background.
The Juno way

We take great care of your pets—and our employees.

Sure, there are upsides to working in pet care. Face licks, friendly nuzzles, and the furriest, fuzziest hugs around. But it’s also a field plagued by burnout, compassion fatigue, and too much red tape.

At Juno, the health and happiness of our team is our top priority. We believe you do your best work when you're well-cared for. That’s why we take a people-centric approach that builds in time (and space) for you to do—and feel—your best.

Giving you the tools, time, and support you need to make Mondays your favourite day of the week.

Compensation that values your work
An emphasis on work-life balance
State-of-the-art clinics
Growth and learning opportunities
Health, dental, vision, and other benefits

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Our values

We believe human care and pet care are equally important—and that we all deserve treats.

We care about our care team

Everyone deserves to feel supported and appreciated. We work together to create a culture where respect, recognition, and transparency are a priority.

We’re all on team pet

Owners trust us with their furry family members, and we don’t take this lightly. Our collaborative approach to care unlocks solutions that help pets lead happier, healthier lives.

We take a people-centric approach

The details matter. From employee lounges to remembering a pet’s favourite treat, we strive to create connections.

Dr. Bianca Ferlisi, Lead veterinarian at Juno Vet Summerhill in Toronto, Ontario, Canada examining a catJuno Veterinary host at the clinic at the front desk
Dog being held warmly by their owner while wearing Juno Veterinary branded clothing and merchandiseHouse cat being pet by their owner surrounded by pillows and blankets

We provide a white glove experience

It should always feel like we know our member’s pets’ needs before they do. Treats, a comforting word, or an instant response to a concern are the new standards.

We make it feel like a walk in the park

Simplifying and humanizing design, communication, and processes makes everyone’s lives easier. And like all the best parks, we always make space for play.

"Joining Juno has allowed me to be part of a collaborative and innovative team where we can support our members and practice gold standard medicine."

Dr. Bianca Ferlisi (Lead DVM Summerhill Clinic)

"I truly love coming to work every day."

Chantal Klein (Lead RVT Summerhill Clinic)

"When you work at a job where you feel heard and valued, it's not just work, it's a fulfilling experience."

Erika Blandon (Lead Animal Care Attendant, Summerhill Clinic)