Juno Vet pricing

No more surprise vet costs

At Juno, it's our goal to make pet care stress-free, and that includes vet care costs. Before any procedure, we'll review your pet's treatment options and review estimates together, ensuring full price transparency.

Treatment costs

Juno members receive a free annual wellness exam.
For a full list of costs and treatments, call your nearest Juno clinic at
(647) 558-9191
Vet care costs may vary depending on your pet's size, breed, health, and age.
Annual exam
$0 $119
Follow up exams
Core vaccines
Fecal test
Giardia incl.
Ear cleaning
Anal gland expression
Flea, tick, and heart worm medication
$200 - $280per 6 months
Blood panel
$190 - $400Blood draw fee incl.
$60 - $175
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