Juno Vet pricing

Upfront, transparent pricing

At Juno, it's our goal to make pet care stress-free, and that includes vet care costs. Before any procedure, we'll review your pet's treatment options and review estimates together, ensuring full price transparency.

Treatment costs

Juno membership includes one annual exam.
For a full list of costs and treatments, call your nearest Juno clinic at
(647) 558-9191
Vet care costs may vary depending on your pet's size, breed, health, and age.
Annual exam
$0 $129
Follow up exams
Core vaccines
Fecal test
Giardia incl.
Ear cleaning
Anal gland expression
Flea, tick, and heart worm medication
$180 - $325per 6 months
Annual wellness screening (Blood panel)
$225 - $300Blood draw fee incl.
$60 - $208
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