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Sick pet exams

Get immediate, unlimited advice 24/7. Our veterinary team is ready to respond to common health questions, help you determine what kind of care your pet needs, or assist in an emergency.

Questions? We've got you covered.

How do I know if my pet is sick? Do I need to come in for an exam?

Since pets can’t voice their own concerns or discomfort, it can be tricky to know if they're really sick and need an emergency vet clinic visit. Through the Juno app, we can provide support and virtual urgent pet care for any veterinary issue within minutes, from everyday health questions to emergencies. We’ll let you know if you can monitor your pet at home, if you should bring them into the clinic for further care, or if you should visit an emergency vet clinic. We can also advise on over-the-counter medications, warning signs, and other aspects of care at home.

What happens next? Does my pet need a follow-up appointment?

Depending on the issue, additional testing may be required, or the vet may be able to prescribe a treatment plan immediately. Follow-up visits may or may not be required. Price transparency is important to us, so we’ll always discuss the cost of tests or treatment upfront. We’ll also provide you with discharge notes so you can remember everything we spoke about and the details of your pet’s treatment plan.