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Veterinary services that leave your pets in good hands

Delivering the best veterinary care for your furry best friend. Our expert veterinarians and pet care professionals help your pet live their healthiest life.
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Our veterinary services

From preventative wellness exams to urgent care, we're your pet's (next) best companion.

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Wellness and preventative veterinary care

Why is preventative care important?

Just like with humans, regular check-ups and vet services are a proactive way to keep your pet healthy. Preventative vet care helps us catch and treat any problems early on to maximize your pet’s health and comfort.

Wellness exams

Regular check-ups to ensure the health of your pet.

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Important pet vaccines to prevent illnesses.

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Teeth cleaning and dentistry

Help prevent teeth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

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Urgent and sick care

When does my pet require urgent care?

From bites to breaks, limps to lethargy, we’re here to help determine if your pet needs urgent vet services and treatment. We provide diagnostic tests and treatment to get them back to feeling like their furry self.

Sick patient exams

Assessments for individual pet, non-urgent issues.

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Emergency and urgent care

Critical care for serious injuries and illnesses.

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24/7 virtual care

Unlimited care via text or calls for your questions and concerns.

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Pharmacy and medication

Prescription and over-the-counter pet medications.

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Diagnostic testing and radiology

In-clinic radiology suites and required health tests.

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How do I know if my pet needs surgery?

We only recommend pet surgery if it helps improve your pet’s health or wellbeing. Our experts explain every detail for elective and emergency surgery so you know exactly what will happen, and how much it costs.


Urgent and routine surgery for your pet.

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Spaying and neutering

Elective surgeries for your pet's health and wellbeing.

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Additional care

What are the best ways to care for my pet?

Your vet is more than just your pet’s doctor—they help you feel confident and knowledgeable about everything pet-related. Our team is here for all your veterinary care questions, from behaviour concerns, to new puppy or kitten training, to end-of-life care.

Pet behavioural concerns

Advice and recommendations for a happier pet.

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Pet travel certificates

Required travel documentation for your pet.

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The right diet recommendation for your pet's weight, growth stage, and age.

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Allergies and dermatology

Identifying and treating allergies and skin concerns.

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End-of-life care

Compassionate care and answers to your questions.

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