We know pets. Now, get to know us.

The best environment for our vets; the best environment for your pets.

Juno Veterinary doctor talking with an owner in the reception of the Summerhill clinic located in TorontoJuno Veterinary staff members in the treatment area providing care to a dogDog in a field smiling
A cat sunning itself under a plant in a sunbeam.

Our pets mean the world to us.

They’re our furry family: there to share our joy with a bark, or nuzzle up to us after a bad day. And we’d do anything for them.

Turns out, ‘anything’ includes opening veterinary clinics. A better kind of veterinary clinic, one that makes sure that not only do our pets get the best care, but the people caring for them get the same treatment. Because unbenownst to us, the talented veterinary teams who help keep our floofs and doggos happy and healthy don’t always have access to the same tools and environments for their own mental health. We’re talking eating lunch in a surgery room, or being booked so back-to-back that they have no time to decompress from sharing bad news (spoiler: it’s heartbreaking for them, too).

We knew if we really loved our pets, we needed to create a place where their doctors and caregivers could be just as cared for. Where they have safe, comfortable places to recharge, are paid fairly and competitively, and where they can enjoy professional opportunities and a community, just like other fields.

So we created Juno.

A beautiful, welcoming space that balances the technology and modern medicine they need to keep our furballs in good health, while being a warm place that pets—gasp—may even enjoy visiting.

We’d love to have you visit and see what we mean—come by anytime to take a look.

And bring your four-legged pal. We’ve got treats.

Doctor Bianca Ferlisi, Lead veterinarian at Juno Veterinary Summerhill, checking a patient's paw in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Juno Veterinary values

We believe human care and pet care are equally important, and that we all deserve treats.

We care about our care team

Everyone deserves to feel supported and appreciated. We work together to create a culture where respect, recognition, and transparency are a priority.

We’re all on team pet

Owners trust us with their furry family members, and we don’t take this lightly. Our collaborative approach to care unlocks solutions that help pets lead happier, healthier lives.

We take a people-centric approach

The details matter. From employee lounges to remembering a pet’s favourite treat, we strive to create connections.

Dr. Bianca Ferlisi, Lead veterinarian at Juno Vet Summerhill in Toronto, Ontario, Canada examining a catJuno Veterinary host at the clinic at the front desk
Dog being held warmly by their owner while wearing Juno Veterinary branded clothing and merchandiseHouse cat being pet by their owner surrounded by pillows and blankets

We provide a white glove experience

It should always feel like we know our member’s pets’ needs before they do. Treats, a comforting word, or an instant response to a concern are the new standards.

We make it feel like a walk in the park

Simplifying and humanizing design, communication, and processes makes everyone’s lives easier. And like all the best parks, we always make space for play.

Experience expert veterinary care as a Juno member