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Wellness care

Cat not eating or drinking: Why it's critical to call your vet

Wondering why your cat isn't eating or drinking? It could be something simple like a change in their food brand—or it could be more serious. Discover possible causes and when to contact your vet care team.
Heartworm season

Worms in cats: how to diagnose, treat, and prevent them

Protecting your cat against worms is key, whether or not they're an indoor cat. Worms can be a risk not just for cats and kittens, but also for humans. Learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat worms in your cat.
Heartworm season

Dogs worms: how to diagnose, treat and prevent them

Is your dog suffering from worms? Learn the best preventative care to keep your dog safe, as well as how your vet will diagnose and treat your dog for worms, helping to keep your dog healthy and feeling their best.
Wellness care

Dog not eating or drinking? What do to and when to get treatment

Dog not eating or drinking? It may be emotional, environmental, or an underlying medical issue. Find out if their lack of appetite is serious or just picky eating, and when to get help.