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24/7 virtual veterinary care

Get immediate, unlimited advice 24/7. Our veterinary team is ready to respond to common health questions, help you determine what kind of care your pet needs, or assist in an emergency.

Questions? We've got you covered.

What are the benefits of online vet care?

Online vet care, otherwise known as virtual care, means we can provide round-the-clock support and care for any veterinary issue, from everyday health questions to emergencies, all within minutes. Through the Juno app, we’ll let you know if you can monitor your pet at home or if you should bring them into the clinic for further care. Other benefits include:

  • Unlimited virtual consults for your pet, available 24/7 (including holidays)
  • Access to highly qualified, Canadian-based registered veterinary technicians
  • An average response time of under 10 minutes
  • Assistance for any emergencies
  • Help deciding whether you need to take your pet to the vet, or if you can monitor at home
  • Answers to pet health questions
  • Prescription refills

To access virtual vet care, log into the Juno app and start a new chat: you’ll get a response within minutes. Virtual vet care is available 24/7, even on holidays.

How soon will I hear back?

We’ll respond within 10 minutes so you can have peace of mind and get the advice you need.

How much does virtual care cost?

Virtual care is included in your annual membership. Contact us 24/7, as often as you need.

What do I do if my pet has an emergency?

It’s not always obvious if your pet is experiencing a medical emergency. If you’re ever concerned about your pet’s health, our medical team can offer online vet care day or night. We’ll help you determine if it’s an emergency situation and tell you what to do next.